Wholesale Furniture Direct is a clearance business that sells off volume of stock at wholesale prices when we have it to sell.

We specialise in supplying independent retailers who are dynamic and flexible enough to dip in and out of our range and buy the great lines in volume when they are in stock and available to buy. The products at wholesale prices offer a fantastic margin to retailers to then sell on to their clients.

We pride ourselves on quick delivery and to achieve this we process all orders on this website which shows live stock all the time, all you need to do is add to your basket and pay and we will get it to you within 5 working days ready for you to sell on.

We do not work well with Interior Designers who want to specify our products to be used in projects at a later date, because when we have it available the stock sells very quickly and then is unlikely to be repeated again. Products we have on display at Trade shows and Markets sell quickly so it is no use coming back a few months later asking to buy those you viewed then as they will not be available. See it, like it, think you can sell it on - then buy it as our stock does not hang about.

Nordic Style London do sell all the same products through the 5 SW London Stores but they guarantee to have products available all the time as they will make one or two items to order if there is no volume of stock available - whereas we just sell volume of stock super quickly at heavily reduced prices when we need to get rid of it.

Wholesale Furniture Direct

We are a trade only organisation and will only display prices to customers who have been vetted as proper Furniture Businesses and hold a Wholesale Account.

On the margins we operate we are unable to hold stock or offer credit terms but we guarantee to have the stock you buy on this site delivered to you promptly so you can use them to sell on to your own clients.